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Diaper Cakes for Centerpieces

by Dustin

It’s time to plan a baby shower for my best friend and I want the centerpiece to be just perfect and functional.  After much searching and searching, I found the neatest diaper cakes on the internet.  I couldn’t believe the selection on the site.  My colors are going to be pink and brown, since that are the colors my friend is using in her nursery.  This diaper cake I picked has four tiers, which is 70 diapers and is covered with everything you could imagine for the new baby.  It has burp clothes, baby slippers, lotions, soaps, balm, as well as a beautiful Gund teddy bear.  It’s wrapped in such cute ribbon. The great thing about this center piece, is it’s also a baby gift all wrapped up in gorgeous ribbon and bows.

My diaper cake was shipped right after I ordered it and wrapped in special packing to keep it safe.  On the day of the shower, I set up the dining room, but the diaper cake in the center of the table and surrounded it with all the goodies to eat.  I stepped back and was just amazed at how nice it was.

My guest arrived and started placing their baby shower gifts along the back of the table that held the diaper cake.  Everyone carried on so, it was nice to have a beautiful baby gift.  The mother-to-be arrived, but we kept her out of the dining room until time to open the baby gifts.  I really wanted her to be surprised and pleased as well.  After we played all the games and picked the best names for the baby, I escorted my friend to the dining room.  She just stood and cried when she saw how beautiful the diaper cake was.  She sat down and opened all the baby gifts one at a time, they all were special, but none, in my opinion, was as special and the diaper cake in the middle of the table.

Several of my guests had asked me where I got my wonderful gift, and as much as I wanted to say, “I made it,”  I had to tell the truth and say that I used an amazing discount code. you can also use revolution race discount code and castore discount code to get offers as per your taste.

 A few of the other baby gifts had come from the same place and several of the ladies had heard of the site.  I was so pleased!

I was so glad I did my homework before my friends shower and found this beautiful diaper cake, it was a double duty baby shower gift.  My friend even told me that she really didn’t want to take the diaper cake apart and would probably use it as a decoration in the baby’s room.  What a special compliment from my special friend. 

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