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4 Powerful Tips to Double Your Earnings from Advertising Networks

by Dustin
Online Team

Most website owners and bloggers make money from Advertising Networks. But often, the amount can be awfully miserable. Traffic is an important factor that determines how much one makes from Google AdSense, Chitika, Infolinks, Outbrain, etc. but one should not neglect some very vital elements. While I recommend you grow your targeted traffic so as to increase your chances of getting more clicks, here are some few tips to help get more exposure and increase CTR through performance upgrade.

4 powerful tips to increase your income from Advertising Networks

If you are monetizing using any ad network, it will be pretty awesome to try out some of these tested and result driven tips;

1 – Use a performance improvement app

Performance improvement apps help you analyze, test and improve the performance of your website. Recently, I have been working with Ezoic (Google Certified Publishing Partner) on my main blog with Google AdSense and a couple of other networks, and got really fueled. Though making money using this model has not really been my focus, I was excited to see I could add more to my earnings with a few tweaks.

For the most part, I focus on Affiliate Marketing, sponsored content and creating of my own products. There are a couple of things to note with performance apps;

  • They help you test different elements; Colors, location and size of your ads.
  • You can run ads from many different networks from one dashboard.
  • Performance apps help optimize your ads so you get the best results.
  • They play well on mobile devices.

Performance improvement apps don’t have to be difficult to use. Generally, you have a few steps to follow once, and the intelligent tool does the rest of the testing and improvement jobs for you:

  • Sign up for free.
  • Add your site to the platform.
  • Get a piece of code and paste on your site header section.
  • The tool will then scan your website and locate ad code from supported network (Ezoic supports over 100 ad networks). For each ad code found, a custom piece of code is generated.
  • All you need now is copy the newly generated piece of code and replace what was located on your blog.

Once you replace the old ad code with the new one, your site gets to show ads from different networks and through optimization, only the best in terms of content relevance and high paying ads are displayed. This remarkably increases CTR and overall earnings.

2 – Make use of the most popular posts

This is a strategy most webmasters and bloggers neglect. It’s one of the things I do that has a huge positive impact on my online income.

Some blog posts on my blog really get some exciting number of readers from search engines. Once I identify these top posts, I make sure I place ad codes within them. Now, given that this traffic drives targeted readers from search engines, the ads displayed gets really relevant and this sometimes generates unthinkable number of clicks.

Here are two things I propose you do:

a – Identify your most popular posts: This doesn’t have to be a difficult step. If you use Google Analytics, you can quickly access your most popular pages. Another quick method (which by the way is what I use) is Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools).

  • Login to your account here and select the site from the list. (Note that if you haven’t created a GSC account, you will have to do it and add your site to your account).
  • On the left menu, go to Search Traffic -> Search Analytics. This should give you a list of keywords and number of clicks they generate for the current month. With this, you can easily know your most performing blog posts.

b – Paste Ad Code on your popular posts

Now, you may have had ad codes on your sidebars or even above the fold. It’s important to actually ad some within the content area of your popular posts to improve relevance and CTR. (Make sure not to overcrowd your contents with ads)

Where you add the code too is important. In this post, Rok Sprogar discussed from his experience where to place the ad code and get the best performance.

3 – Use high-CPC keywords on your articles

Once you sign up to an Advertising Network, you don’t pick which ad to display on your site. But you soon find out relevant creatives and links showing up. That’s because ad networks use advanced technology to filter a huge database of entries in different categories and sort out relevant content for your site based on your content keywords and phrases.

Advertisers on these ad networks pay per keyword and some keywords get high bids than others. Naturally, if you get ads with low bids on your site, your get paid cents per click. You must not only use keywords in your content for SERP ranking purposes. Also use tough keywords that can trigger high paying CPM ads and make more earnings with few clicks.

How do you get high-CPC keywords?

You may use the Google’s free Keyword planner or some paid software like SEMRUSH. Once you find those relevant high paying keywords, use them in your content

4 – Drive Traffic from USA, Canada and some European countries

One of the things most of us don’t know is that clicks from some countries generate miserably low earnings. On the other hand, clicks from USA, Canada and most European countries pay reasonably higher. One of the reasons is that advertisers believe most readers from some countries with low purchasing power often end up not making a buying decision. So, buying expensive clicks from such areas is a waste. In one post on my blog, I discussed how to drive free website traffic from specific countries as a blogger so you may want to check that out. That’s it!

I’m very convinced if you implement these steps, you are going to see an increase in earnings from Ad networks.

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